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roads as people try to get out of town. >>> plus, president obama speaks out about the use of chemical weapons in syria as his justification for a possible missile strike. this is bay area news at 7. >>> i'm heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. it is the start of a holiday weekend. we are counting down to bay bridge history, bay area history, the grand opening of new eastern span of the bay bridge is three days away. there is a chance they could open it early. just before 5:00 tonight, we received an update from the project spokesman, who says the work is proceeding right on schedule. he says crews completed all the grinding today in both directions. they are about halfway done with paving the west bound lanes and begun striping. east bound paving is complete. >> the focus will be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights that have been there to led lights. they will continue that work over the next 24 hours. they are also going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> gordon says the main goals are eefficiency and safety. asked whether it
, this maybe the first, coming up of the message of mi obama's, michelle obama. >>> michelle obama making an appearance in this hip hop video. she did not sing but she does speak of her anti-childhood of obesity campaign. the song everybody will be released next month to encourage healthy eating by minority children. >>> the students showed up this mercedes, right now there is about 60 of these cars in california. they're hoping to convince people to sign a petition to demonstrate an interest of buying the hydrogen car. >>> we are learning more of the 16 ocean county new jersey workers who are sharing of the million dollars powerball jackpot. >> relatives and co-workers here as a group themselves ocean 16 cl price today. >> the 16 winners is getting $3. 8 million. thank you for making ktvu your r news, i am gasia mikaelian. tonight it is being called the most dangerous building on the bay area's campus, the structure and the plant to blow it up. keep in mind tmz is up next here on tv 36. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> on
that was behind rodriguez. >>> the president, obama and his family should have adopted a rescue dog. >>> the bay area's doctors say a program designed to control patient's blood pressure is saving lives. more than 600, 000 patients took part and more than 80% of them brought their blood pressure under control. doctors say they saw a 42% dropped and a 24% declined in heart attack. >>> thank you so much for making ktvu your choice for news. our coverage continues with our 10:00 news and coming up of a bay area's family of a crash and they tell us their story. tmz is up next. [ music no mics ] >> today on "tmz" -- >> so this lebron james scandal has gotten even crazier. jay z said he wouldn't start his concert until lebron james arrived. i think it's wrong. >> the opportunity isn't presented to you, no offense. or lebron jay z james. >> a moment. >> what moment? >> you know bryan cranston, obviously. we got this picture of him at canoga park high school and he was on a club, the chemistry club. >> what loser joins the chemistry club? >> that's a crappy thing for you to say. >> wt
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3